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M-XXXXL sizes and all sorts of colors. Super soft pure sheepskin for yourself or your baby. The sheepskins that are often used as Medicinal Sheepskins come from the Australian Merino sheep. These are generally shaved short so that it is safe for the baby to lie on. In addition, the density of the coat is maintained. Often the fur comes from a lamb. This is even softer than the wool of an adult sheep. Wool has the natural property to repel moisture, which ensures that the coat and the baby stay dry.

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The soft soles shoes are designed for optimal foot development and balance. Our shoes are handmade with 100% leather. With our handpicked quality soft leather, the little feet stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our bigger sizes come with an anti-slip sole. We only make unique personalised shoes and no mass production. You can find us online and in designer boutiques. FIND OUT MORE